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Product Care

We want to create a community of people whose daily actions can make changes in the future. We want to involve our customers to ensure the ultimate durability of our products.

Follow some tips to take good care of our products:

Product Care

Airing your clothes first.
Think before you wash: wash your clothes just when it is necessary.
Use washing bags to protect garments.
Only iron or steam when necessary. (tip: Hang your clothes on the hangers and let them dry, the grandmothers used to say that it hangs well you shouldn’t iron)


If your garment is broken, try to repair it first before replacing it. If you don’t know how to do it, ask us.
Don’t be selfish: if you don’t like a cloth anymore, SHARE THE LOVE and give it to your family or friends, take it to a secondhand store, or donate it to charity.

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Do you want more information for the care of your product?
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